Integrated Annual Report 2019

Audit and Risk Committee report

Ed Southey

The chief executive officer, chief financial officer, representatives of the company secretary, members of staff responsible for the group's financial management and representatives of the internal and external auditor participate in meetings of the committee.

Committee members

EM Southey (Chairman)

S Mhlarhi

WF Urmson


The roles and responsibilities of this committee are defined in its terms of reference (refer to the corporate governance report), approved by the board.

As part of its review of the integrated annual report, the committee has satisfied itself as follows for the year under review:

Material issues considered by the committee during the year

The committee approved the internal and external audit plans and audit fees for the 2019 financial year. The internal and external audit reports were tabled at its meetings and any matters arising from the reports were resolved appropriately. Recommendations were made to the board for the approval of the financial results for the period and year ended December 2018 and June 2019 respectively. The committee also evaluated the group's financial position and agreed on an interim and final dividend to be proposed to the board for approval. Other standard agenda items consist of matters arising from the Social and Ethics committee and the review of the group's risk inventory.

In addition to the committee's standing agenda items, the following matters were tabled for consideration during the 2019 financial year: